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Hi I’m Stephie, welcome to 10 Mile Hike!

I’m a solo long-distance hiker, writer, and artist and right now I’m exploring the UK on our stunning long-distance national trails.

Thru-hiking and wild camping have been a game-changer for me, a revelation really: who’d have thought it could teach you as much about yourself as the natural world! But that’s exactly what it’s done. I’ve had recurrent depression since I was a teenager and my confidence and self-worth grow with every challenge I face, one step at a time.

You can face your fears and step out of your comfort zone too. All you need to do is commit to it – and then do some planning, because preparation is everything. Luckily my guides, tips, and inspiring features from women around the UK will help you do just that!

Come and explore what I’ve learnt over thousands of miles, whether you’re planning a big adventure or just starting out. Let’s make it happen!

Stephanie Boon (facing the camera) on the Sout at Cuckmere Haven towards the end of the South Downs Way. A winding river leads to sea on the horizon at Cuckmere Haven.
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Bucket List Hikes

My Latest Adventures

Stephanie Boon with a rucksack on her back smiling at the camera with Bath Abbey in the background

My bucket list is full of some of the greatest hikes in the world and lots of them are right here in the UK. And right now I’m exploring England and Wales on our 15 long-distance national trails – that’s 2,632 miles of beautiful adventure!

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On The Trail

Plan a hike, follow my journeys, find inspiration… it’s all on the blog. Come and explore with me!

About 10 Mile Hike: portrait of Stephanie Boon hiking on the South Downs Way
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