About: : Stephanie Boon crossing a beach on the South West Coast Path, with a rucksack on her back.

About 10 Mile Hike

10 Mile Hike is all about getting you excited to hike the UK's long distance National Trails and fabulous National Parks - because it makes you feel awesome!

You might also notice a 'slight' bias towards the South West Coast Path around here. That's because as the UK's longest national trail it's Extra Fabulous.

(And it's not just me that thinks so - it was voted as the UK's favoutite National Trail in 2020. And you can't argue with that.)

About 10 Mile Hike: portrait of Stephanie Boon (hiker and blogger) on the South West Coast Path, Cornwall, UK

Well Hello My Lovely!

I’m Stephie, Welcome To 10 Mile Hike

I’m so pleased you’re here, because 10 Mile Hike can help you become an awesome hiker and as enthusiastic about hiking in the UK as I am.

There’s also lots to help you get out of that comfort zone of yours, because it’s fun and gives us women superpowers. (I know this to be true because I do it too, and it makes me feel like I could rule the world.) So

As well as lots of hiking inspiration and stories from around the UK you’ll find tips, guides and plenty of encouragement to do something that sends a few nervous shivers down your spine (like wild camping for the first time).

In fact I’ve written a really great guide about wild camping in the UK, including solo wild camping for women, that I think you’ll love!

By the way, an aside: I say ‘my lovely’ a lot (like I did up there) – it’s a Cornish thing, which is where I live.

Anyhow, I digress…

A Bit About Me

I’m Stephanie Boon but friends call me Stephie, which I like enormously. I’ve been walking and hiking in the UK since the year dot and if you want to discover more you can check out my Bucket List And Done It List.

I’m going to hike all the UK’s national trails in full, but so far the best one has been the The South West Coast Path, by 630 miles.

About 10 Mile Hike - Stephanie Boon taking a rest on the South West Coast Path

One of the best things about this trail is that 300 miles of it wend their Extra Fabulous way all around Cornwall, which is my home, and very big playground. I’ve been stomping on Cornish cliffs for, ahem, getting on 4 decades, which is rather good news for you, because

You’ll get all the benefits of my local knowledge on one of the best sections of the entire coastal trail: Cornwall FTW!

Make sure you check out my guide to the best walks in Cornwall (and everything else the walker wants to know!) – it’ll give you a real flavour of the place I call home.

Another aside: I have a 22 year old non-hiking son, which is where I get the (allegedly) hip slang from.

Wait, There’s More!

Yes, It’s True: 10 Mile Hike Loves All National Trails

(And National Parks. Let’s not forget them).

Explore stories about hikers from all around the UK in burgeoning new series like Women Afoot. This is a great one to dip into first because these women have so much to share, like what got them in to hiking, the places they love most, their tips for beginners and especially their recommended walks and trails. I’m sure their stories and enthusiasm will rub off on you as much as they have me.

So if you’re ready to take the next step on your hiking journey, you’re in the right place. Because wherever you want to hike in the UK, north, south, east or west, 10 Mile Hike has something for you. You just need to make sure you don’t miss it: sign up for The Extra Mile, my fortnightly (ish) update:

About 10 Mile Hike: portrait of Stephanie Boon (hiker and blogger) on the South West Coast Path, Cornwall, UK
Fortnightly Updates For Kindred Spirits

Let's Hike The Extra Mile Together

Thank you. Check your emails to finish up and I'll see you soon!

Hike With 10 Mile Hike

Explore new places with a qualified guide (that’s me), make new hiking friends or learn new skills. I’d love to meet you, so sign up for The Extra Mile (above) for details of future guided walks and hikes too.

One final (totally random) aside: I’m a vegetarian that doesn’t like potatoes. Which is weird, apparently.

That’s enough about vegetables. Where would you like to go next?

Stephanie Boon standing beside the Peddars Way National Trail sign, Peddars Way, Norfolk UK. Copyright Linda Barlow, 2018.

A National Trail

Read about my 93 mile hike on the The Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path.

Sarah James hiking on the Hadrians Wall Nation Trail, north of England. Sarah is standing by an offical Hadrian's Wall sign post.

The Lake District

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Wild camping on the cliffs in north Devon: watching a watery sunrise through the tent door.

Wild Camping

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The white chalk cliffs of Old Harry Rocks towards the end of the South West Coast PAth national trail, UK

Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks The End Of The Trailย  – he sure does! Explore spectacular scenery near the end of The South West Coast Path.

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