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Cornish Landscape Sketchbook

Sketches From Walks Near Home

I started working in this Cornish landscape sketchbook shortly after I was given a box of beautiful Unison soft pastels back in 2016, but I actually bought the book in 1995 – the dates are inscribed on the inside of the front cover (which is now falling apart). ‘1995’ has been crossed out and 2016 written below it with 2 exclamation marks and “omg 21 years old!”. Well, omg, that’s nothing – it’s now 28 years old and I’ve only just finished it.

I decided a while ago that I wouldn’t buy any more sketchbooks until I’d used up the half-finished ones I have lying about the place – I can’t afford to leave them unused for 20+ years anymore! The trouble is, sketchbooks are so seductive. So many different papers, colours and textures, and of course you need different papers for different effects and different media. Different shapes, soft covers, hard covers, ring bound, stitched, hand made (by me)…they’re so tactile, and new paper smells divine. How can I resist?

This particular book natually evolved in a Cornish landscape sketchbook and all the drawings were made outside on local walks, the majority within a 10 mile radius and they feel different from the sketches I make when I’m out on a trail for days. It’s one thing to carry all these materials on a walk from home, but until I get some seriously lightweight hiking gear I’ll probably stick to a minimal pencil and softback sketchbook for that! (See what hiking kit I’ve actually got…)

Enjoy the drawings – which one’s your favourite?


Sketchbook Pages

The Pages

Cornish Landscape Sketchbook: 21 x 26 cms, 150gsm cartridge paper. Soft pastels, conte, gouache and pencil.

Thanks for taking a look. Until I open another sketchbook here’s to some happy hiking!

Stephie x

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