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Hiking Gear Reviews And Guides From 10 Mile Hike

I like hiking gear that lasts (don’t we all!), especially as some things can be really expensive investments. So

The best hiking gear reviews, I think, are by hikers that regularly use the equipment and clothing they’re reviewing.

These are the reviews I trust, and I want you to trust my hiking gear reviews in the same way: because long-term performance is everything!

Long-term performance isn’t just about getting your money’s worth though: it’s also about sustainability. I find it hard to justify buying things for my outdoor life that don’t last, because ultimately that’ll have a detrimental impact on the very thing I love: the outdoor environment.

The best way to tell how something performs is to use it over a period of time, so my hiking gear reviews are just that: things I regularly use on my hikes and walks: it’s all about experience shared.

I hope my reviews are helpful to you when you come to make a decision about buying something for your own kit. If you’re not looking for anything specific though, or I haven’t reviewed something you’re looking for, there are a couple of brands I recommend and buy from time and again: Salomon trail shoes and Osprey packs (which means you’ll probably see me wearing these brands in most of my photos in the hiking section!).

Gear Guides

I share Gear Guides as well as my hiking gear reviews. These include articles on buying gear if you’re just starting out or details of gear that I take on particular trips – because who doesn’t love a helpful gear list! Gear lists are really useful when you’re planning a trip somewhere you’ve never visited before, so if you need any particular advice not covered here (yet!), just give me a shout – I’d love to help.

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