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The 10 Mile Hike Blog has loads of hiking tips from budget hiking ideas to camp food recipes – all sorts of stuff to inspire you to get outside. Some of the articles also include free pdf downloads and this page is where you’ll find them all in one handy place.

So, if you can’t remember which article you found that useful packing list in, you can find it here – along with a link back to the original article. Good eh?! Enjoy!

Your Hiking Tips And Ideas

You can never have enough hiking tips, so let me know if there’s anything particular you’d like me to write about in an article for the blog. And if you’ve got some tips of your own you’d like to share drop me a line and let me know, I’d really love to hear from you.

Happy hiking!

Stephie x

Featured Image: What's in Your Outdoor First Aid Kit, A Guide For Walkers And Hikers. 3 walkers and a dog walking beside a river in woodland near Dartmoor, Devon

What’s In Your First Aid Kit

This download is a handy checklist from the article What’s In Your first Aid Kit, A Guide For Walkers And Hikers, so you never forget what to pack and can keep track of what needs replacing.

Featured Image: In Case Of Emergency Be Prepared With This Free Download For Hikers. Image of dramatic, sharp rocks at Morte Point in Devon, UK.

In Case Of Emergency Card

Download this template, print it off, fill it in and carry it with you. Read the article In Case Of Emergency to learn how to add your emergency details to your phone too.

Copyright Stephanie Boon, 2017, Cornwall, UK. Black and white drawing of a deer skull on paper.

Bought One Of Stephie’s Artworks?

Then this information sheet is for you. Read the article Caring For Your Artwork or print off the pdf version on the right (ideal if you’re giving it as a gift). It covers everything from mounting and framing your artwork to hanging it.


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