Stephanie Boon hiking on the cliffs above Chapel Porth, Cornwall. South West Coast Path national trail.

Help Me Inspire Women To Hike In The UK

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Help Me Inspire Women To Hike!

That’s what 10 Mile Hike is all about: inspiration, encouragement and everything you need to know to get outside for some hiking fun! And you can help me make it happen.

2 women scrambling on rocks on a winter day hike on the South West Coast Path, Cornwall
Winter day hike on the South West Coat Path

Here’s Why It’s Important

Have you been inspired to go hiking because of something you’ve discovered on 10 Mile Hike? I really hope so, because it’s easy to underestimate how much something as simple as hiking and walking can change the way we see ourselves. I know it can because it’s made such a huge difference to me. Like when I push myself to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable (solo wild camping in some local woods for example): I look back and think ‘wow that was me, I did it!’. I hope you’ve experienced that feeling too.

At first there’s a kind of disbelief, but when it finally hits you, your self-confidence and self-esteem can sky rocket. And those personal achievements, no matter how small, can give you the courage to do it in other parts of life too, because you feel mentally stronger, more resilient.

Women could do with a whole lot more of that.

But we all know that hiking and walking does more than boost our confidence and self-esteem: it’s a salve, even a salvation at times (it’s saved me that’s for sure). And then there’s the connection with nature and the environment. It’s that connection that makes us want to protect it and encourage others to protect it too.

That’s why I’d love you to help me support other women through 10 Mile Hike

Here’s how you can help

Spread The Hiking Love

Tell your friends about 10 Mile Hike!

I love making content for 10 Mile Hike that I hope you find encouraging and useful – and one of the easiest ways you can help spread the word is to click the share buttons on each post. Couldn’t be simpler could it? And the more people that discover 10 Mile Hike the more women we can inspire to get outside!

Look for the share buttons under my Pinterest pins on each post (don’t forget to pin the article to your favourite Pinterest boards too. Did you know you can follow me on Pinterest as well?

Inspiring women to hike in the UK. Woman in front of a trail sign in Cornwall
Kay was inspired to hike the St Michael's Way coast to coast route for the first time

Go Shopping!

Yep, that’s right – when you go shopping with 10 Mile Hike you’ll help me earn a few pennies towards the cost of running the site.

(Website costs include registering the domain name and paying a website host (Siteground) so that I can manage the site).

When you want to buy something (some hiking gear I reviewed, for example), just click on the link in the post. The link will take you direct to amazon UK (for example, there may be other companies too), where you can place you order just as you normally would. The link from 10 Mile Hike has a ‘tag’ on it so that the company (eg Amazon), knows it was a referral and they’ll pay me a few pence based on much you buy. And

Shopping with 10 Mile Hike won’t cost you a penny extra!

These are called ‘affiliate links’ and you can find out more about affiliate links on 10 Mile Hike here: Affiliate Links: Here’s How They Work.

Buy Me A Coffee!

Or a piece of cake, it’s up to you! If you follow me on Instagram stories you’ll know that I do a lot of my writing in coffee shops…and I love a cappuccino! Seriously though, even the cost of a cup of coffee can help me keep writing and inspiring women to get outside. And there’s nothing like a cup of coffee with a good friend is there? Make a donation via Paypal here:

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Join In!

If you’ve got an idea of something you’d like me to cover, let me know – the chances are if it’s something you’d like to hear about, there are other hikers that want to hear about it too!

And I’d love you to help me make 10 Mile Hike the most relevant resource it can be for women hiking in the UK, so leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Oh, and why not start a conversation in the comment sections too: it’s a really great way to help others through your own experiences – don’t be afraid to chat, I’d love you to join in!

Remember that saying ‘women supporting women’ – I love it, don’t you? So if you can help in any way at all that’s absolutely amazing, thank you so much my lovely!

Have a great day

Stephie x

About 10 Mile Hike: portrait of Stephanie Boon (hiker and blogger) on the South West Coast Path, Cornwall, UK
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