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Women Afoot Features – The Index

Women Afoot: inspiring stories of women hikers from around the UK. Delve into a library of solo hikers, from mountans to national trails, from day hikes to months away, for inspiration and tips, for a brilliant read!

The Women Afoot Alphabetical Index

Women Afoot is a series of features on solo women hikers from around the UK. You’ll find them exploring long-distance national trails, national parks, even walking from one end of the UK to the other.

They might be out for the day or walking for months on end with their home on their back, but each and every one of them has a great story to tell. However, if you’re looking for someone specific, you can find her here.

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  • James, Sarah Manchester
    Hiking In The North West Of England


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  • Sarah James Manchester
    Hiking In The North West Of England


Not Found Who You’re Looking For?

On no, she’s not on the list?! This might be because the article hasn’t been published yet, so why not sign up for the Extra Mile update, which is where links to new articles will be published first. You’ll also be the first to see previews from upcoming articles and get other lovely inspiring news. What are you waiting for?

Mind you another reason she might not be here is because she hasn’t been interviewed yet! Do you know an inspiring solo hiker you think should be on the list, or perhaps you’d like to be included too? Just drop me a line with some contact details because I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s make this the place to come for solo hiking inspiration and tips together – I can’t wait!

Happy Hiking

Stephie x

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