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Women Afoot – Inspiring Stories From Solo Women Hikers Around The UK

Women Afoot: inspiring stories of women hikers from around the UK. Delve into a library of solo hikers, from mountans to national trails, from day hikes to months away, for inspiration and tips, for a brilliant read!

Women Afoot

I step off the trail to chat to inspiring women who share their stories about solo hiking in the UK. Dip in for inspiration, tips and a great read!

If you’re looking for someone in particular have a look at the alphabetical index here.

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I can’t wait for you to discover these amazing Women Afoot: it goes without saying they’ll have you lacing up your boots before you get to the end of the feature!

But what do they all have in common? A love for solo challenges and adventure in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

They hike in national parks and backpack our stunning national trails and they make up their own adventures too, big and small.

You might find them on long-distance hikes like Land’s End to John O’Groats or the UK’s ‘most difficult hike’ The Cape Wrath Trail, but they’re equally happy exploring their own doorsteps.

Challenge and adventure means different things to each of us, but what it always entails is getting out of our comforts zones.

And whether that’s heading out for your first solo wild camp, your first long-distance walk or testing your navigation in a remote part of the country, these Women Afoot share their tips to get help you on your way.

Women Afoot

Featured Hikers

Before You Dive In To The Features

Why not support me to build this series into a library? It’s easy enough, you can buy me a cappuccino over on my Ko-fi page! A coffee only costs £3 and it’ll keep me fuelled for a few hours as sit here putting together these incredible women’s stories.

The Big Idea

I had the idea for a library after reading Wanderers: A History Of Women Walking by Kerri Andrews. To paraphrase her, she discovered that the history of women walkers is thin on the ground compared to the men we all know about. Her book begins to redress the balance, highlighting 10 women over the past 300 years.

But! When I was looking for contemporary inspiration it still seemed thin on the ground, especially for women hikers in the UK. So, why not build a library where we can share our own stories and help each other along? And so it begins – let’s really get this moving!

If you don’t fancy a coffee though, be a star and spread the word – share it with your friends using the links below. You can even drop me a line and let me know about other women that should be here (don’t forget their contact details!). I can’t thank you enough.

Happy Hiking

Stephie x

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