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My hiking kit - I'm sitting in front of my tent with my gas stove in front of me

If you’re a gear junkie you probably won’t like my gear list! It’s not full of the latest highend hiking kit, in fact it’s full of stuff I’ve accumulated over decades, some of it great, some of it not so much.

Some of the hiking kit I use is 20+ years old, but to me that represents great value for money and means I’m not just buying stuff for the sake of it. My cupboards aren’t bulging with gear I never use and it doesn’t get thrown into landfill every five minutes! I’m quite proud of that.

The best advice I have for you if you’re looking into buying new hiking gear is to do your research and buy the most well-made and lightest things you can afford. Lightweight hiking gear is so much more expensive, but it does make hiking long distances more comfortable. You’ll need to take extra care of it though, because it’s not always as robust as the heavier alternatives – sleeping mats are a case in point. And, if like me you have a tight budget you’ll find you’ll always have to make compromises, which can be frustrating! There are some great places to pick up second had hiking gear at good prices though and you’ll find some of them listed in this article: Hiking Gear For Beginners.

As for my kit, I list everything I take with me in my trail guides and you can see the full kit I have available on Google Docs (no sign in required). I’ve listed the date and cost of things too (where I can remember!). I hope you find it useful.

My Most Read Review

These days I don’t really write gear reviews as there are lots of sites out there that do that well. Just ocassionally though I have a piece of kit that I love and want to recommend to you. The Women’s Renn 64 rucksack is one. I’ve had it a few years now, but Osprey still sell it (2023) and it’s no wonder – it’s brilliant and has really stood the test of time and miles. If you’re looking for a new lightweight rucksack this one might be the one for you.

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