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UK Hiking Resources

Guide to Hiking In The UK. Planning a hike: opened map, Dorset and South Devon guide book, an orange enamel mug (with hot chocolate!), orange highligher pen and biro. The open map has annotations and Post-it-Notes attached.

My Go-To UK Hiking Resources

My UK Hiking Resources includes links to some of the most reliable sources I use for planning a hike in the UK, whether I’m planning a hiking route or how to get to the trail.

These are the resources I go back to again and again. I usually start the planning process by checking out the individual National Trails and National Park websites where there’s plenty of great advice (see the links to the official sites below) or check out  The Guide Only Guide To Hiking In The UK You’ll Ever Need! for a summary of them all. Once I’ve made up my mind where I want to go I usually buy a guidebook (I love Trailblazer) to find out what I can expect to see and which parts of the trail I might find interesting. Then the fun begins…if you like tearing your hair out!

Rock Arch on the Lizard Peninsula on the South West Coast Path national trail, Cornwall
A rock arch on the Lizard Peninsula on the South West Coast Path national trail

The logistics of planning a hike in the UK can be a nightmare. You might be free to hike the South West Coast Path in early spring only to discover the ferries don’t run until Easter (very specifically Good Friday in one case – I arrived 2 days early on one hike and had to walk an extra 9 miles at the end of the day!). Or maybe you book your hike for the West Highland Way in June…after you’ve discovered it’s right in the middle of midge season.

Planning to the nth degree might seem like a pain in the butt, but my UK Hiking Resources can save you a whole lot of stress and disappointment in the long run!


Every article on 10 Mile Hike that includes a route, a journal or photo-diary also includes regularly updated details of how to get there, plus relevant maps, guide books and amenities along the way – because life should be easy!

Check out the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path National Trail for an example.

And, as usual, if there’s anything else I can help with leave a comment below!

Happy Hiking

Stephie x

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