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Landscapes From The Trail

A bright colourful drawing of a line of trees.

New Art Section Coming Soon

This new page will soon feature a gallery of my landscape sketchbooks and journals that I make on the trail, as well as wanderings closer to home.

Sat on the cliffs drawing

I never go for a hike without a sketchbook in my rucksack and sometimes that’s where it stays, but leaving home without one would be like leaving home without a map and compass – you don’t miss it until you need it. Taking time out, even just 10 minutes, to sit and look at a landscape is what makes me feel connected to it. Photographs don’t really do that for me, not with my phone camera anyway – a few seconds looking through a lens and that’s it, I’m moving on, passing through. But a drawing…that’s a journey in itself.

I hope you enjoy coming along.

(Photo: working outside in my sketchbook.)


Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbook study made on a walk close to home – one from my Cornish landscape sketchbook

A colourful drawing of a line of trees on a hill in pastel, paint and pencil

A mixed media drawing of Chactonbury Ring made after my hike on the South Downs Way

A pastel drawing of a dead fox cup with one or two flies on its body

Fox and Flies is an old chalk drawing that I still love. I found this beautiful fox cub on the roadside.

A quick. loose sketchbook drawing of the rocks at Perranporth beach

Sketch of Chapel Rock, Perranporth Beach on the South West Coast Path

A semi-abstract mixed media sketch of Falmouth Bay

Another sketch from the South West Coast Path – Falmouth

A loose, semi-abstract mixed meda painting of a hill on the South Downs Way

A mini painting from the South Downs Way

An abstract sketch in monotone in mixed media of a hill on Offa's Dyke Path

A notebook study of a hill at Gladestry on Offa’s Dyke Path

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Thanks for reading and happy hiking!

Stephie x

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