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Landscapes From The Trail

A bright colourful drawing of a line of trees.
My sketchbook on the grass as I paint a field ahead. You can see a palette and paintbrush too

This new page will soon feature a gallery of my trail and landscape art, in the meantime here’s a quick arty intro!

Making art has been at the heart of my creative life since I was a young child. I went on to study painting for my undergraduate degree but for my masters I made a lot of installation art (I studied at Falmouth School Art, now part of Falmouth University), drawing, though, has been my first love throughought.

I’ve been interested in various subjects but it’s my landscapes and natural history pieces I’d love to share with you here – I hope you enjoy them.

Here are a few pieces, mostly sketchbook drawings old and new, to whet your appetite while I take some decent photos and put the gallery together!

(Photo: working outside in my sketchbook.)

A sketchbook study made on a walk close to home

A mixed media drawing of contisbury Ring made after my hike on the South Downs Way

A colourful drawing of a line of trees on a hill in pastel, paint and pencil
A pastel drawing of a dead fox cup with one or two flies on its body

Fox and Flies is an old chalk drawing that I still love. I found this beautiful fox cub on the roadside.

A quick. loose sketchbook drawing of the rocks at Perranporth beach

Sketch of Chapel Rock, Perranporth Beach on the South West Coast Path

A semi-abstract mixed media sketch of Falmouth Bay

Another sketch from the South West Coast Path – Falmouth

A loose, semi-abstract mixed meda painting of a hill on the South Downs Way

A mini painting from the South Downs Way

An abstract sketch in monotone in mixed media of a hill on Offa's Dyke Path

A notebook study of a hill at Gladestry on Offa’s Dyke Path

I’ll be back soon with some better images! Have you signed up to my newsletter The Extra Mile? I publish some of my work there from time to time but plan to make it a more regular feature – why not come and see what I get up to? (It’s full of hiking news too, obviously!) There’s a subscribe form just below – I’d love to have you along.

Thanks for reading and happy hiking!

Stephie x

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